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Rules & Regulations

The rules and regulations are designed to prioritize the safety of visitors, wildlife, and the environment. By understanding and following these guidelines, you contribute to a secure and pleasant environment for everyone.

As you prepare for your upcoming visit to Hidden Valley Camping Resort, we want to kindly remind you about the importance of familiarizing yourself with the park's rules and regulations. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors, it's crucial to be aware of and adhere to the guidelines set forth by the park management.

  1. Campsites:

    • Accommodate one camping unit, max 6 people.

    • Prohibited items: washing machines, garbage disposals, certain heaters, household toilets, large propane tanks, excessive antennas, signs, and boat/trailer storage.

  2. Check-In / Out:

    • Check-in time is 3:00 PM, check-out for sites is 1:00 PM, 11:00 AM for rentals.

  3. Quiet Time:

    • 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM; no loud behavior or disturbances.

  4. Speed Limit / Vehicle Use:

    • Max 5 MPH, follow directional signs, and no vehicles during quiet hours.

  5. Golf Carts:

    • Registered, drivers 16+ with license, headlights, reflectors, safe driving, no driving during quiet hours.

  6. Campfires:

    • Use fire rings, no burning trash, and extinguish before retiring.

  7. Pets:

    • Leashed, clean up droppings, no unattended tying, no aggressive breed dogs.

  8. Alcohol Policy:

    • Excessive alcohol use is not tolerated.

  9. Improper Behavior:

    • Respect property, no firearms/fireworks, no disturbances.

  10. Parental Responsibility:

    • Supervise children, under-14 curfew by 11:00 PM.

  11. Messages:

    • Check the office for messages, emergency messages are only delivered.

  12. Guests:

    • Guests register, follow day guest rules, responsible for guests' behavior.

  13. Decks, Storage Buildings & Construction:

    • No construction without permission, deck height limit, only approved storage.

  14. Site Requirements:

    • Skirting, sewer connection, sewer donut, tree removal procedure.

  15. Neatness Policy:

    • Keep site clean, no tarps on campers, no auto repairs.

  16. Tree Policy:

    • Follow the tree removal procedure, pre-approved by the office.

  17. Landscaping:

    • Maintain site, rake leaves, and keep clean.

  18. Washing Campers/Vehicles:

    • Wash yearly, no washing on weekends.

  19. Clotheslines:

    • No permanent clotheslines, temporary ones for swimwear.

  20. Gravel:

    • Decorative gravel is permitted with payment, with no personal hauling.

  21. Electricity:

    • Conserve electricity, turn it off when leaving.

  22. Trash Pick-Up:

    • Dispose of trash properly, no hazardous materials and recycling is mandatory.

  23. Car & Front Gate Passes:

    • Car passes are for immediate family only, misuse results in fees.

  24. Bird Feeders & Wild Animals:

    • No bird feeders, no feeding wild animals.

  25. Selling Your Camper:

    • Notify management, approval is required for resale.

  26. Swimming Pool/Lake:

    • No lifeguards, adult supervision for kids, observe rules.

  27. Conduct:

    • No disorderly conduct, family environment.

  28. Subleasing:

    • Subleasing is not allowed.

  29. Mini Bikes, ATVs:

    • Not permitted.

  30. Motorcycles, Mopeds, Scooters:

    • Must be registered, and driven to the campsite only.

  31. Bicycle Riding:

    • No riding after dark, and wear helmets.

  32. Non-Smoking Buildings:

    • Campground buildings are non-smoking.

  33. Bulk Item Disposal on Site:

    • Remove large items from the site.

  34. No Refunds:

    • No refunds for voluntary departure, acts of nature, or eviction.

  35. Guidelines Subject to Change:

    • Management reserves the right to amend rules without notice.

We encourage all our visitors to read the full document before booking.


To review the detailed information on the rules and regulations, please click on the link below

By taking the time to acquaint yourself with these guidelines, you help maintain the beauty and integrity of the park for future generations.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to your visit!

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